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VGT has a spearheaded the exponential growth of MENA power test solutions industry, diversifying into many spheres, and has become the industrial name within the Industrial Load Bank Solutions Provider for the Middle East & African Region, and has a proven track record of successfully completing a prestigious  project in a various locations throughout the Region. for over the decades, leaving a robust footprint and market presence in Middle & East & Africa.

Vision Gulf General Trading LLC.

Is a dubai based professionally managed company, well known and has a great deal of local expertise and experience in Test and Power Generation equipment to assist you with process of sizing your load banks to reduce premature failure and increase your engine life. Vision Gulf General Trading L.L.C (VGT) is an extension of ULB as the official agent and Distributor for the MENA Region including Afghanistan, and Pakistan. a leading manufacturer of high–quality Industrial Load Banks in USA.

For over decades, Vision Gulf General Trading L.L.C., is a leading Power Test Solutions Provider, providing a blended suit of solutions for program that involved test and power generation equipment. Located in Middle East Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Our vision & mission

Our Vision is to provide  wavering commitment and dedication to bring unmatched quality products and excellent sales  support.


Our Mission is to achieve our vision by: 


It is our mission to provide our customers with exceptional service, quality equipment and supplies through highly effective teamwork, communication  and attention  details. Conducting  ourselves with PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.